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Creating Together – Step by Step

It’s simple and fun. As simple as 7 Steps. Please record in landscape format.

  1. Film a short and separate video clip introducing yourself.
  2. Create a separate video clip for every Question 1-7.
  3. Film a short video clip of you performing your Sport (-15sec).
  4. Have a photo of you in landscape format ready.
  5. Save each video with filenames [yourname] and the question number, if possible.
  6. Upload the video files and the photo to WeTransfer.
  7. Fill out the form below and press SEND.

And have fun!

The 7 Questions:

Introducing yourself: My name is… (Maggie) and I am a … (Tennis player)


#1 When and how where you introduced to your sport?

#2 What role does inspiration play for you?

#3 What is the favorite part of your sport?

#4 What is your training like?

#5 What was the favorite moment of your journey so far?

#6 What would you recommend to someone interested in your sport?

#7 In what way did sport influence you or your life?

With pressing SEND you accept that your video might be published on www.maggie.tennis, www.7questionstoinspire.com, and on social media channels of @maggie.tennis and @7questionstoinspire (including, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook,…). If you are under 19, please ask your parents for their consent.