#7 Questions to Inspire

Get Inspired and Inspire Others!

7 Questions to Inspire is all about sharing the #joyofsports. When I was looking for a sport, I wanted to meet the people behind it to get a better feeling for it. To simplify this process for you, I created this platform for you to get inspired by each other and to get many more engaged in sports.

Because every story is worth telling.

Yours, Maggie


Sajeh Tavasolie

Sajeh Tavasolie is an absolute power woman. No matter if Red Bull Alm Auftrieb or Wings for Life World run, she rocks it all. Get inspired by Sajeh.

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Stefan Bojic

Stefan, the man of 100 serves, fascinates the world with his incredible tennis tricks.

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For me, tennis is not only a sport it also is about getting to know yourself in a different way.

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